• Famiglia Pederiva
    Famiglia Pederiva
  • Conferimento in cantina
    Conferimento in cantina

Wine production in the Prosecco area is as old as man himself; whereas the history of Prosecco is one of the many fine adventures born during the reconstruction of Italy just after WW2.

It is a history of emigrants, forced to leave their native lands, and who once had mustered the necessary resources, returned to their hometowns to buy the “land”.
And that is exactly what the families of Camillo Pederiva and Rosa Mattiola did; today they are the owners of Serre. In 1956 they each bought plots of land from the counts Brandolini d’Adda, who at the time were the proprietors of the lands around Combai.
The agronomical features of the lands had been heavily compromised by crop-sharing techniques, which left the majority of the land plots in a state of degradation and abandonment.

This is a family-run business, which has evolved and benefited since the entry into operations of sons Luca and Marco.
The generational exchange has been a successful one, and has enabled to keep the wine farming in conditions similar to those found in the mountains.